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Facts and Myths about Squirrel Stripes

Facts and Myths about Squirrel Stripes:- When we see any creature, by looking at its anatomical structure, some idea must come to mind that why did God make it as, why the neck of the giraffe is so long or why the elephant’s trunk is there, etc. Then to make ourselves satisfied, we make the assumption that the physical structure of these animals has developed according to their environment. And science also says that due to the high intake by elephants, they have long trunks to break the branches of tall trees and the giraffe neck must have been elongated due to the length of the tree where the giraffes live. (Squirrel Stripes)

But according to the Vedas of Hinduism (According to Indian Believes), there are some animals whose body structure was different from the present one, but their structure changed due to the incidents that happened to them. Today we are going to explain about the squirrel, you must have seen the squirrel. It is a small and lovely creature. You must have also seen stripes on its back, but the question is why these stripes are made. What do these black stripes help it or according to his environment? Is the story in which it is told that such stripes are made due to Lord Shri Ram. Let’s know about this story and what science says about it.


Squirrel Stripes

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What does Science say about Squirrel Stripes?:-

Zoologist R. Mallarino did a lot of research in this context (Squirrel Stripes). His research report has been published in Nature magazine. According to R. Mallarino, the squirrel, zebra, and a special type of striped rat found in Africa have almost the same stripes on the body of these three animals. A gene called MITF is the major regulator of cells known as melanocyte or pigment cells. These cells form pigments that act as dyes in the hair and skin cells (Squirrel Stripes).

Squirrel Stripes

The Legend story on behind Squirrel Stripes:-

#Squirrel Stripes Story 1-
It is about the time when Lord Rama was incarnated in Treta Yuga and his wife Goddess Sita, who was the incarnation of Lakshmi, the mother was kidnapped by Lankapati Ravana. So with the help of the army of monkeys, Sri Rama was constructing the Ram Setu to liberate Goddess Sita from the captivity of King Ravana of Lanka. (Squirrel Stripes)

All the apes were constructing Ram Sethu with big stones and Lord Sri Rama was sitting on the seashore with Lakshman and watching this whole scene. During this time, he saw that a squirrel would repeatedly roll sand into his body and stick sand particles in his body and go to the bridge and sweep all the sand particles from his body.

On this, Lord Rama asked Laxman what the squirrel was doing, and Laxman replied that he is enjoying the game. On this, Shri Ram smiled and called the squirrel and asked that what are you doing, after hearing the question, the squirrel replied that I am too contributing to build this bridge. Although I know that a small creature like me is not even counted anywhere, but I also want to contribute to the fight of religion against this iniquity. Impressed by these things of the squirrel, Shri Ram lovingly began to pluck his back, which resulted in fingerprints of Lord Ram on the back of the squirrel. And even today the squirrel has stripes on its back.

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#Squirrel Stripes Story 2-
According to the legend, the second story is that when Shriram was in exile with his wife Sita and Anuj Laxman, then they kept walking on every kind of ground. Somewhere there was soft grass, somewhere hard earth, thorns somewhere. While walking like this, Shriram’s foot fell on a small squirrel. He felt sad and loved the little squirrel and said – Oh my foot fell on you, how much pain must you have had? (Squirrel Stripes)

The squirrel said- Lord! How rare are your stage lotus darshans? The saint-mahatma does not get tired of worshiping these feet. I am fortunate that I got a moment to serve these feet. I could give them a moment’s rest from this harsh path. Prabhu Shriram said that even then there must have been pain, right? Why didn’t you scream? To this the squirrel said- Lord, if someone else stepped on me, I would scream- ‘O Ram !! Rama Rama!!! ‘But, when you got your foot on me – whom would I call?

It is said that Shriram lovingly moved the fingers on the back of the squirrel so that he could get relief from the pain. Now she is so young that only three fingers could come again. It is believed that this is the reason why Shriram’s fingerprints are still present on the body of squirrels.


#Squirrel Stripes Story 3-

According to the second legend, the squirrels have also contributed significantly to making the Ram Setu. All squirrels brought soil in their mouths and filled them in between the stones. During this, they had to pass through the legs of apes. The apes were also fed up with these fowls. Because they too had to come out to save the squirrel, but the apes did not know why these squirrels are running here and there. Then a monkey shouted at him and said, “Why are you running here and there?” You are not letting us work.

Just then one of the apes got angry and picked up a squirrel and threw it in the air. The squirrel flying in the air fell directly into the hands of Shriram, taking the name of God. Lord Rama himself saved him from falling. As soon as she fell into his hands and opened her eyes, she became happy on seeing Lord Shri Ram. She told Sri Ram that my life was successful, which I came to your shelter.

Then Shri Ram got up and said to the apes why did you make this squirrel ashamed in this way. Shriram said that do you know that small stones thrown by squirrels into the sea are filling the gap between the big stones you are throwing? such a small act will make this bridge much more stronger. Hearing this, the monkey army was quite embarrassed. He apologized to Prabhu Ram and the squirrel.

Then Lord Ram brought the squirrel to him and apologized for the incident. Appreciating his work, he touched her back with his fingers. Due to this touch of Shriram, three lines formed on the back of the squirrel, which is still present as a sign of Shriram above each squirrel. These three lines symbolize Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita.

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